We're looking for an amazing Pattern Tester!
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We're looking for the perfect Pattern Tester!"

Style Sew Me Patterns is a family-owned and operated home sewing pattern online boutique that creates stylish and modern patterns for the home sewer.

Our patterns are currently designed for women's clothing of all sewing levels.

As a Pattern Tester, you will be provided a one-size pattern and flat technical drawing via email. 

You will create and write detailed instructions for construction. You will sew a toille using your fabric and supplies, if needed, to assist in creating construction instructions.

Does this describe you?
* You have the ability to analyze patterns and suggest techniques to increase the quality of construction. 
* You have the ability to identify errors in pattern making and offer suggestions where needed. 
* You have the ability to provide clear photographs of construction, if needed. (A smart phone camera will do.)
* You are deadline driven and communicate efficiently. 
* You love to sew clothing.
What is your first and last name? *

Share a link to an example of your sewing work, if available.

If you are provided a flat pattern and a technical flat drawing of the garment, what type of instructions do you need to complete construction? *

Rate your pattern making experience. *

Patterns will be provided via email in a print-at-home and copy shop format. Do you have the means to print the provided patterns? *

Tell me about a time you missed a deadline. How did you correct the situation? *

What excites you about this opportunity? *

Finally, what rate PER STYLE are you looking for? ($USD) *

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